Fake Bomb Prom-Posal Blows Up In Student’s Face

Moron of the Morning 4-24-15

A Washington state high school student who wore a fake bomb to ask a girl to prom had the prom-posal blow up in his face when he was suspended from school. Ibrahim Ahmad, 18, was suspended for five days from La Center High School after he donned a paintball vest loaded with fake explosives – paper tubes attached to red wires – and stood up in the school’s cafeteria with a sign reading, “I kno it’s A little Late, But I’m kinda…THE BOMB! Rilea, Will U Be My Date To Prom?” Ahmad said his intended date, Rilea Wolfe, accepted his prom-posal, but he was soon told by administrators that he was being suspended for five days and would not be allowed to attend the dance. Ahmad said he and Wolfe will likely go out on a dinner date instead.