Health care major issue for South Dakota Farmers Union

CONDE, S.D. (WNAX) – The goals for South Dakota Farmers Union member from their recently concluded convention is addressing rising health care costs and getting approval for the use of E-30. President Doug Sombke says health care is their major issue and they will be pushing for Medicaid expansion at the state level.

He says if they can’t get a legislative fix to Medicaid expansion they’ll pursue a ballot measure.

Sombke says his group also intends to hold Governor Elect Kristi Noem to her campaign promise of making sure all state vehicles run on E-30.

Sombke says besides those issues, Farmers Union members are concerned at the economic stress being felt in rural America and the need to provide mental health assistance. He says South Dakota doesn’t have and needs a Mental Health HOT line for farmers and ranchers.